Posted by: critzpastor | June 5, 2010

Life in the passing lane!

Bridge to Bridge finish line!

Day 98

This post would probably be more appropriate in two days, but this is close enough! This week I mark an awesome landmark on my journey to a healthy life. As of this morning, I have officially lost 31.1 pounds! It has been at least 9 years since I have seen this weight. The great thing is I know this is in passing, but not in the sense that it use to be.

I use to see these types of landmarks twice, once passing them going down and then passing them going up again. I know that this will be my last time seeing this and for that matter all of these last 31.1 landmarks. How do I know? Honestly, it is hard to explain, except that I know that I know. I know that I am not on a diet or just on an exercise “kick”. I am eating relatively normal compared to how I plan to eat the rest of my life. As for the exercise, running is new, but is so awesome that I don’t want to imagine a life where running is not a part. My cycling has been an on again off again passion for 15 years. What is exciting is realizing that I don’t have to park my bike except for weather ever again!

So I have seen a significant weight goal pass this week, although my “half way” point is really in 6 more pounds. I say it that way because I really have no clue what a healthy weight will be for me, but I am shooting for 200 pounds, since it is a number I haven’t seen since…i have no stinking clue! Another landmark that I have finally passes is the XXL landmark. My wife has informed me that the XXL’s have to go. By that I mean really go, out the door to Goodwill or into the trash. Like I said, I’m never going to see these days again!

So where do I go from here with my 100 day anniversary looming? Physically I will be training for both a Mountain Century bike ride in the Fall and a 1/2 marathon run by Christmas. The Mountain Century (100 miles through the mountains) has been a long time goal that has always seemed out of reach due to my habit of not riding my bike in extreme heat. The 1/2 Marathon is obviously a new goal and is working be toward a full Marathon by next year. I figure that if my 65 year old uncle can run in the Nashville Marathon then I should be able to also! I still plan on hitting the trail with Jackson to do some backpacking, but we are limited financially right now and there is about $400 worth of equipment that I need to buy or upgrade before we can go. We will have to settle for a few day hikes as soon as I can afford to buy a new pair of trail shoes/boots.

I know that those goals may sound pretty ambitious, but compared to the lethargy they are replacing…

Seriously, I have had years of watching life pass me by. I think I will choose to live the rest of it on my terms. Anyone can quit! I choose to win!

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