Posted by: critzpastor | June 24, 2010

My Greatest Compliment, true or not!

Day 117

Two days ago we were traveling somewhere without Jackson. We had left him and his Pop & Grandma’s to play with his cousins who are in visiting from Texas. We were listening to K Love on the radio when Kristen tells me about a segment she and Jackson had heard on the radio. He had been in the backseat with Jaime, which can be a full time job for him, since his little sister tends to demand his attention! On the radio they were giving a list of things that Dad’s should/could do to be an “All Pro Dad”. Kristen didn’t think Jackson was really listening, but when the interview was over he said, “Dad does all of those things”. She was surprised that he was listening, but they reviewed the list from memory and went over examples.

Of course, I had to find the list to read it for myself. I’ve included it below for your reading pleasure.

I’m not at all sure I would consider myself and “All Pro Dad”. As a matter of fact, I tend to be pretty tough when it comes to evaluating myself. However, I will say the fact that Jackson believes that I have lived up to all of these examples and that I qualify is one of the Greatest compliment I could ever receive!

Mark Merrill, founder of Family First and All Pro Dad – a ministry geared to help men be better fathers, joined us this morning. Mark shared these tips …

10 Ways to know you are being a good father:

1. When your calendar is full of things to do with your children

2. When you admit when you are wrong and ask your children to forgive you

3. When you take an interest in their friends and know their names

4. When you eat together with your children

5. When you take an interest in what they enjoy doing

6. When you show affection to your wife in front of them

7. When you advocate that they speak to you and each other respectfully

8. When your son or daughter comes running to you when they get hurt

9. When you calmly and gently discipline your children without yelling or screaming

10. When you tuck your children into bed at night and tell them “I love you”

Climbing the tooth!

As far as a 2nd Chance update, we successfully climbed Dragon’s Tooth together as a family! Since then we have climbed “The Peaks of Otter” as well! I have lost almost 40 pounds, although the weight loss has kind of slowed this week with visiting family (pound cake, homemade ice cream, BBQ prepared by my Texan brother etc.)

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