Posted by: critzpastor | September 12, 2010

A SEASON of change for the Hays clan!

A time and season for everything!

Well here we are again in the middle of a time of Transition, Yippee!

Please pardon the sarcasm. I truly am grateful for the Lord’s direction and leading in our family, although I admit I could use a little less drama for a while.

If you haven’t heard I announced to our church family here at Critz Church of God this morning that we would be leaving and that next Sunday would be our last Sunday. This decision was reached in coordination with the State’s Administrative Bishop Mitchell Corder last Tuesday morning.

Honestly, the change isn’t a surprise for anyone who has been attending the church. We have struggled financially for a while, even though we have been blessed by two Administrative Bishops who have assisted us over the last year and a half, however, simply put it can not continue unchanged. According to a study done by Dr. Baker the church has been in a constant downward spiral with attendance and finances for over 6 years. I know there have been good seasons and tithe records at times, but the trend has been steadily downward. That is until this last year. In the last year we have begun to see signs of growth in our attendance, however the financial burden is still too much to bear, while the church is supporting a pastor and his family.

The good news is that brother Corder has a plan that will nurture this growth and will help Critz COG to begin to flourish! Unfortunately, only part of the plan can be put into action at the moment and that part involves change and uncertainty for the Hays family. Even though a change needs to take place at Critz we do not have an appointment from the State Office. So the Hays’ will be relocating within the next few weeks somewhere.

The exciting thing is that nothing is certain, so everything is possible!

We do not know if the Lord will open a door of full time ministry, if we will continue as we have for the last seven years to work and pastor as “tent makers” or if we will work “secular” jobs and volunteer in church work for a while. We are assuming that we will move temporarily to Roanoke to be closer to my family, but as I said nothing is certain. We began to look for work and housing in Roanoke, but it is hard to find a place to stay if you don’t have a job. We are confident that soon the first puzzle piece will fall into place and then we will see the plan come together!

Please keep us in your prayers as we enter into this awesome journey!

You can join us in the journey at this blog, which I am sure will become more active from now on.


  1. Wow, this will be an adventure! Good thing God’s got control of the plot-line. Y’all are in my prayers!

  2. Thanks Sami! We covet your prayers!

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