About PJ


Jack and Kristen Hays met and married while at Lee University in Cleveland, TN.  Their son Jackson was born in 2000 and they are currently in the process of adopting their second child.

On August 2008 Jack was appointed to be the senior pastor of Critz Church of God in Critz, VA.  The church has beautiful facilities and is currently reaching out to the children and youth in Patrick Co.  The church has on going TV ministry on a local station that reaches many in the community.

Previously the family served for 5+ years as pastors of Marble Hill Church of God.  They also taught school at New Life Christian Academy during those years.  In the fall of 2007 they began the journey to adopt their second child.  Kristen is using her skills in quilting to make and sell purses specifically for the adoption.


Senior Prom

Senior Prom

The entire family is a weird cross between techno geeks and outdoor enthusiast.  They enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, gardening and water sports.  They all enjoy reading and music in a wide selections of genres, as well as playing on their Mac computers.

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